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My wormery is up and running

March 1st, 2007 by Karsten

As I mentioned in my previous post I ordered a wormery over the weekend. I’m hoping to get loads of good compost from it over the coming season.

So far there hasn’t been too much activity in the wormery - but according to the instructions supplied with it - the worms need a week or two to settle down in their new home. Once this happens, and the weather turns a bit warmer (worms prefer temperatures above 11 degrees), my worms should eat up to half their bodyweight each day.

I’ve started up with one kilo of worms, and at the moment I have loads of stuff to throw at them, since I saved a lot of fallen leaves last year that I’ll let them munch their way through. This autumn I’ll have a job on my hands though, since apparantly the worms will double their population every 2-3 months. This would mean me supplying them with 4 kilos of food a day! :-)

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