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Busy weekend

April 10th, 2007 by Karsten

With the easter weekend being two days longer than what a normal weekend would be, I’ve been fortunate enough to spend a good bit of time on my allotment, and best of all I have something to show for it!

I nearly finished digging the half of my plot I have been working on for far too long - only we ran out of manure on the site - so from now on I’m back to picking more up from the riding school myself, until they can deliver a new load. Should be in a weeks time or so.

On thursday - on my way back from work - I did something I’ve been planning for some time. I went to a local garage - and asked them did they have an empty oil barrel. They were more than happy to give me one. Saves them getting rid of it I suppose!

I got my grinder out - took the lid off it - and made a couple of holes (10cmx10cm) in the bottom third. Woopie Doo! I got myself a rubbish burner for free by adding just over an hours work. In my opinion no allotment site should be without a couple of these - and my plot has certainly benefited from it.

As well - I got my seed potatoes put out in trays for chitting. A bit late I know - at least for the early varieties - but then I’ve only got a few of them from a “starter pack” I decided to order with my seeds, just to try them out. My maincrop potatoes this year will be Maris Piper and King Edward. I love them for making excellent chips and roast potates.

All in all a very productive weekend. I could do with another 5 of them :-)

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