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Wormery update

April 11th, 2007 by Karsten

Remember me telling about buying a wormery about 6 weeks ago? If that’s not the case - have a look here!

I thought I would take some time to update you on how things are with my wormery, to give you an idea whether getting your own would be an idea or not.

First of all - I love the idea of cutting down on the amount of waste that goes into landfill from UK households - and I’m trying to do my bit to ensure that it happens. From that point of view every household should have a wormery.

Secondly, for the gardener, providing good food for your plants is very important. Well - you’ll struggle to buy better plant food than natures own thing - it’s been proven for thousands of years!

So how much work is involved with having a wormery? Next to none! The worms are quite happy to look after themselves, and munch away at the rubbish you throw at them. They will eat quite a big variety of it as well.

The worms that comes with most wormeries are Dendrobaena worms. They should be able to eat up to half their bodyweight every day in waste. So far my worms have eaten nowhere near that amount - but I recon it’s just a matter of the temperature going up a bit.

When turning over the compost, something you should do 2-3 times a month, I’ve noticed a few baby worms and several worm cocoons. In other words - my worms are busy reproducing - which is a good sign they are quite happy where they are.

Overall - I would definately recommend any allotmenteer to start a wormery of their own. It’s relatively cheap - it’s very easy - it will provide the best compost money can buy - and taking out the rubbish will be more fun :-) .

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