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Wise watering: Make the most of your water

July 1st, 2007 by Karsten

While watering your plants, there’s a few things worthwhile to consider, to make your work more effective. Many people tends to go berserk in their watering efforts, and water their plots several times a day, which is totally unnecessary.

Here’s a few tips to help you make the most of your watering efforts:

  • In most cases, it’s better to give your plants a good long soak 1-2 times a week, rather than a bit of water every day. This is particularly true for more established plants and fruit bushes.
  • Use common sense. Newly planted plants and young plants needs more water than established plants, because their root systems has not yet developed enough to be able to soak up as much water.
  • Direct the water to where it’s needed - the roots of your plants! Using a watering can or a jet attachment on your hosepipe is the best options, while sprinklers shouldn’t be used at all. Yes - they make light work of watering - but also they waste a lot of water.
  • If you buy in plants in pots (for example tomatoes), dig in the empty pot next to the plant and put the water in the pot, in order to direct the water to the roots. By watering this way you beat evaporation. Also - cutting out the bottom of plastic bottles - and digging them in next to your plants upside down will do the trick.
  • Focus your watering efforts on the plants that needs it the most - particularly when they are flowering and fruiting.
  • Above all - do your watering early in the morning if you can. I know this is tricky for many working allotmenteers. Alternatively, water in the evening. Never let the sun burn away your water by watering in the mid-day hours.

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