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Another month flies by…

July 31st, 2007 by Karsten

Whoaa - another month gone soon - and what a month it has been! I suspect it won’t be remembered for a lot of good things by allotmenteers in the UK at least - but apparantly there’s hope for the month of august.

What am I talking about? Well - July 2007 (not to mention June!) has been the month(s) when we have had the most rain in the UK since they started recording in 1914! In some areas the rainfall has been more than 3 times the average level, meaning severe floods in several places across the country.

Trust me to do a series of articles on watering in the midst of it all :-) . Never mind - they will probably come to good use in years to come - in fact they have helped some people out already! I must have readers from outside of the UK then :-)

The month of August is set to be quite different! I heard a guy from the MET-office use words like heatwave, mediterranean weather and blistering heat on the radio last week. Even though those guys don’t always get it right - there’s still hope!

So what has been happening on my plot then? For the time of the year - not a lot! Under the given circumstances - quite a bit! Most of it is my continued efforts to get the whole plot dug over, using my “cheat version” of the double digging technique.

As I go along I put in some plants that I still hope is going to give me a yield - for instance some of the seed potatoes I never put in in the spring - and so far they seem to do just fine. In saying that though - some of them seem to be withering away when they first get a hold - and I’m not quite sure why it is. I suspect it’s to do with my enemy number one - SLUGS! They have been everywhere this summer! I am, however, going to get one over them next year with my secret natural weapon (I hope) - so watch this space!

Last thing to report for now - my sons sunflowers! Remember I told you about my little helper? Well - he has about 30 Russian Giant sunflowers growing at the back end of my plot - and what a sight they are! He’s so proud of them, and asks me to go “to daddys lotment” nearly every day, which is great - just what I wanted! If anyone tells you that you can grow them without supports though - you can - but in a sheltered position! Some of ours are quite wonky - but my son still loves them all the same - and rightfully so.

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