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Why does it always rain on me?

April 13th, 2008 by Karsten

I must admit I’m starting to get a bit anxious, as it seems every time I plan to go and do some work on m plot, it starts pouring down. The party stops before it can even start - and by now my first seeds should have been put in the soil!

Ah well - I know my plot will be one heck of a lot more successfull this year than last year - simply because last year was a disaster :-)

This has also given me a bit of time to surf the internet - and think about what I’m going to do on my plot and on this website in the next few months - so it’s not all lost!

One thing I’m going to focus on this season is composting. This should be the backbone of every allotment plot - producing your own compost - and recycling as much of your green waste as possible. Both of these things are something I’m rather passionate about.

As you may know - I invested in a wormery last year - and all of my worms drowned in the torrential downpours! In the coming week I’m definately going to get it going again, while I’m also going to invest in another kind of wormery just to try it out, and also I’m going to build myself another two kinds of wormeries based on some studying I’ve done over winter. If you’re interested in these sorts of things at all - watch this space!

As far as surfing the internet goes - I came across a rather interesting downloadable e-book for those of you interested in organic allotmenteering. Organic Food Gardening Beginners Manual is just that - a guide that will take you by the hand and teach you about growing your food organically - but perhaps more interestingly comes with a number of bonus tools such as a garden planner / diary - a guide to collecting your own seeds - a 4-year plot rotation plan and direct email consultation with the author.

I have not yet bought the manual - but I plan to do so and give it a proper review at a later stage. Meanwhile - if you fancy taking a look at it - please do, and post your thoughts in my comment section.

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