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My New Wormery Is Up And Running

April 29th, 2008 by Karsten

As I told you last week, I ordered a new wormery to go on my allotment plot (eventually). I had 2 reasons for buying a new wormery. First of all I wasn’t too impressed with the one I bought last year (for more money than what I paid for the new one!) - and secondly I figured that I could just take some of the worms from my new wormery to re-populate my old one - and get them both going.

On one point I was “let down” bit - but it’s all good!

My new wormery is fully up to the standard I would have expected it to be, having bought it directly from a professional worm farmer with 30 years of experience. It’s built out of very sturdy plastic boxes, rather than the cheap ones from the pound-shop, and have a few seemingly essential features that I’ve missed previously.

The “let down”? Well - since I bought this wormery from a worm farmer - he didn’t send me breeding worms as I thought he would. This means I’ll have to hold off re-populating my old wormery for a month or two, as all of my new worms are rather small. The biggest of them are around 2 inches long - but once they get down to business of munching through some of my green waste - they’ll soon grow bigger.

For those of you interested in worm composting - I’ll be posting regular updates here on how things develop over the season - and hopefully I’ll be able to encourage/help some of you getting going with your own wormeries.

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