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Happy New Year

January 1st, 2009 by Karsten

Another year has passed and for many people, me included, it’s time to stop and take stock of the past year and make plans for the year ahead.

There’s no doubt about it – 2008 was a disappointing year for me as an allotmenteer – as well as a webmaster of this site. Things went badly wrong on my plot for the second year running, and so this site suffered as well, which is obviously not what I wanted.

In saying that though, I’m still determined to turn things around, and I’m still going to make a successful allotmenteer and webmaster. I’m hoping it’s a case of third time lucky.

So – having a look ahead – what can you expect to find on this site in 2009, and what do I have planned for my plot in the season ahead (or coming seasons for that matter)?

My plans for has always been, and still is, to create an online community for allotment plotholders, and vegetable growers alike. I get a lot of people looking by the website, many of them new visitors, for tips on how to plan an allotment plot, and how to prepare it for a new season.

I’m happy with this, but I find it’s time to start taking things to the next level, so what I’m going to do is this:

  • Start building a library of “Info Sheets” for all allotment favorites, starting with the most popular vegetables.
  • Dig down into the world of composting (essential for any allotmenteer), particularly the benefits of composting with worms.
  • Start a forum where allotmenteers can sign up to have their questions answered, share their knowledge and just have plain fun.
  • Report more happenings from my own plot.

In terms of things that I hope to accomplish on my plot this season are:

  • To get a decent crop :-)
  • Get my plot freshened up, looking a bit more like a great vegetable garden.
  • Build a worm composting facility (a real worm bed rather than just a few wormeries)
  • Get a greenhouse built on my plot in time for next season.

As you can tell there’s enough for me to be getting on with, aside from the small matters of going to work and running a family, which for some people is enough work in itself.

Here’s to a productive and prosperous 2009 for all allotmenteers and vegetable growers.

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