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Ebay For Allotmenteers

January 21st, 2009 by Karsten

I suspect most visitors to the website will be familiar with eBay. After all it’s one of the most well known, and visited, websites in the world. Basically, eBay is the biggest car boot sale on the surface of the planet.

So, why would this be interesting to allotment plotholders? Good question! Let me try to come up with a few ideas that you might find useful:

  • Have you ever had a clearout of your shed, and come across stuff that’s of no value to you but might be good for someone else? Do you grow more produce and plants on your plot than what you can use yourself? eBay could be your ticket to earn a few extra quid, selling off some of this “unwanted” stuff. By all means, still share with your fellow plotholders, but there’s only so much they’d want as well.
  • Are you looking for a good deal on something you need for your plot. There’s more than a good chance that you’ll find it on eBay, and at a knock down price! As a matter if fact, you’ll struggle to think of something that can’t be found for sale on the site.
  • Perhaps best of all - if you’re looking to grow some unusual plants and produce on your plot - eBay is a treasure chest of everything from seeds - over plugs - to mature plants, many of them very unusual.

These are just a few good reasons to take a look at what’s on offer on eBay. Below you’ll see a banner with some current offers relevant to allotment plotholders, and an option to make your own search. Have fun on eBay….

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