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What? Easter already? Time to get stuck in!

April 10th, 2009 by Karsten

It’s amazing how time just passes by! It’s easter weekend already, and while I haven’t done an awful lot on my plot since last update, there’s a few things I can tell you all about.

Easter weekend is usually the time of the year when most allotment plotholders start to get really busy. I’m no different! Before this weekend is over, I’m going to have my plot rotovated and ready for sowing/planting out.

Ironically I had a letter from the local council yesterday, to inform me that a ground maintenance officer had been on site and found my plot in a non-cultivated state. Those guys make me laugh! They obviously don’t know enough about ground maintenance to see that all weeds have been sprayed, and that the weedkiller have done its job. I wonder how they can get paid in excess of £20K a year!

On a more positive note, I’ve picked up my seed potatoes for this year a couple of weeks ago, and they are chitting away at the moment. This weekend my early tubers will go in the ground, while the others will be left until the end of the month. This year I picked my seed potatoes from a local farmer, at an absolute bargain price, so if you’re anywhere near a professional potato grower, you’d do yourself a favour by paying them a visit.

The downside is that they may not have the specific variety you’re after (they didn’t in my case), but, the value for money, their expertice and advice, not to forget the passion for growing spuds takes some beating! My farmer friend told me everything there is to know on the subject, and threw a few very rare tubers on the box of seed potatoes I bought of him. Price: £10.00! Would have cost me no less than £40 from the garden centre! And you guys have a new info-sheet on growing potatoes coming up soon…..

Also, the seed for all my vegetables are ordered and in the post as I’m writing this! I placed my order online again this year, due to the amazing selection you get in comparison to the shops. I bought my vegetable seeds from Dobies - but you can go with any of the seed retailers that I link to in the menu bar on the right - as they’re all more or less the same.

This will do for now - but I’m sure there’s going to be more updates coming in the next few days and weeks - as the allotment season gets into swing, so keep your eyes peeled.

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