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I’ve Lost The Plot?

January 31st, 2012 by Karsten

Reading the headline for this post, you could indeed be forgiven for thinking that I’ve gone crazy, round the bend or what ever saying might work for you. I’m happy to tell you - that’s not the case - in that sense anyway!

But - in terms of my allotment plot - yes, I’ve had to let it go! It was a hard decision to make, because over the first couple of years working on it, I put hours of hard work that I never got to reap the rewards of.

The trouble is - and let this serve as a warning for those of you who are looking to get an allotment plot -  that to successfully run an allotment takes time. And lots of it! Try and combine it with a full time job, looking after a young family and so on, and you truly do have a job on your hand.

I’m not going to tell you that it can’t be done - just that I couldn’t! You may well be in a different position than me, but if you can’t devote at the very least ½ an hour a day to your plot, plus 1-2 hours every Saturday/Sunday, then allotmenteering is not for you!

You don’t need to ask for weeds to grow on your plot. They will! Your produce will need watering and tending to. Having an allotment plot is hard work - but also very satisfying.

Now - you may ask - where does that leave things with regards to this website? How can I be a webmaster, and not have an allotment plot? Good question!

It’s not like I’ve done much on the website either over the last couple of years, but my knowledge and experience hasn’t left me when I gave up the plot. So, I’ve decided to keep this website running, because it’s still a source of information for a lot of people visiting.

I’m probably going to be doing things over the next 3-4 months to freshen things up a bit, and maybe give updates on growing vegetables at home, since I’ve now got a good sized back garden where I can do this.

One thing I’m definately going to do, is to provide more information for allotment gardeners, whether on this website, or on sister websites. The first of those sister websites will be announced tomorrow, but looking on the menu to the left could give things away.

Feel free to check back tomorrow - if you can’t solve the riddle.

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