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About Me


My name is Karsten. I am originally from Denmark, but for the past 7 years I have been living in the UK, just outside Liverpool.

I am married to Joanne. We have a 5 year old son, Samuel, and a baby son Simeon who is 1 year old.

I am working for a training organisation as a supervisor gardener. My job is to maintain domestic gardens for pensioners and disabled people, living in council accomodation, while I train 2 youngsters to become gardeners like myself. My job is stressful at times - but also very rewarding. I love what I do - but I’m aiming higher!

In terms of being an allotment gardener, or allotmenteer as I name it, I’m quite green. In two ways! I’ve been a plotholder for about three seasons, two of which has been unmitigated disasters due to bad weather and me making mistakes, but I’m determined to change that this season. Secondly - I try the best I can to manage my plot organically - but due to time constraints I do have to turn to “chemical warfare” at times. Put it another way - I try to take the best of both worlds - and not be fanatic one way or the other ;o)

I know I have a lot to learn - and keep an open mind - hoping that one day I’ll have a plot that will turn heads. I have some very competent teachers around me - both in my job - but also on my allotment site.

My hope is to attract even more seasoned allotmenteers to this site, and to create a community for the benefit of myself and others with a passion for growing all things green.