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Allotment Info Sheets

The Allotment Info Sheets is a new addition to the site in 2009. The idea is to create a library of easily accessible sheets on how to undertake different tasks on your allotment plot and how to grow different flowers, fruits and vegetables.

All pages will be done in an online version to be posted on the site, and in a printer friendly version that you can download to your computer. You can then print the sheet, laminate it (or put it in a plastic pocket), and bring it to your allotment plot for reference. It can also be passed on to your friends and fellow allotmenteers.

At the time of writing this only one sheet has been produced, but more will be added as and when they are available during the first few months of 2009, and a notice will be posted on the main page.

How To Dig Over Your Plot

The downloadable info sheets require that your computer can read PDF files, so you need Adobe Reader installed on your computer. It is pre-installed on most computers today, but in case you haven’t got it, you can get it free of charge. Just click the button below.

Download Adobe Reader

Please Notice: The Allotment Info Sheets is for private use only, and must not in any way, shape or form be sold on as part of a commercial product, or altered without the prior written permission of

You are more than welcome to pass them on unaltered and free of charge to your friends or fellow plotholders, both in print and/or electronic (pdf) format.