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How To Grow Potatoes

February 1st, 2012 by Karsten

Like I promised in my post yesterday - today I’m going to announce a new sister website to I’ve toyed with plans for some time, to set up a series of websites which are relevant to not only allotment plotholders, but gardeners in general.

My focus in the first place is going to be on the ‘grow your own’ audience - because that is the group of gardeners I most can identify myself with - but rather than just putting the information on a website for allotment plotholders, I put it on a website that caters for a wider audience.

In theoty that should benefit both websites, in terms of visitors, and in terms of quality of information,

So, the first of the sister websites is full to the brim with advice on how to grow potatoes, complete with information on different settings and growing media, and a full list of the most popular, commercially available seed potatoes.

If you are planning on growing potatoes on your allotment plot this season, now is a really good time to start looking around for the variety of potatoes you want to grow, and put in an order for seed potatoes so you can start them chitting.

I hope you’ll take a bit of time to go and have a good look at - that you find the website useful - and that you’ll let me know how you think I could make the site even better by posting a comment below.

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